The Palace today

When adapted and transformed into a small and elegant boutique hotel, today´s comfort, technology and luxury have been combined with the tradition of a palace, taking into consideration the building history and its relevance to the Portuguese past. For us, the important thing was to preserve the private atmosphere of a family palace with large and elegant bedrooms.

The main area, once dedicated to welcoming guests, gala diners and dance evenings, keeps its structure unchanged. Nevertheless, it is today equipped with air-conditioning, heating and wireless internet as well as all hotel rooms and suites.

The newest part of the main building dates back to the 18th Century. It is perfectly preserved and has been fully restored in a dedicated and caring work. All hand painted Portuguese tiles that decorate its walls, as well as the great and overwhelming stucco ceilings, date back from that time, which, at the time, were laid manually and are part of the last manufactured ceilings, well before stucco boards from the 19th Century.
There are three courtyards attached to the main building. These are green indoor spaces that invite you to relax and enjoy.

On the upper area of the courtyards there is a swimming pool, which allows guests to refresh in a warm summer day and is equipped with heating from autumn and winter. A magnificent view over the Tagus is offered from this point.